Karman Webb And Jaime Fetti Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Hoe Deepthroat Gagged HD Vid

Karman Webb And Jaime Fetti Dirty Bitch Deepthroated Gag Mpg Ghetto Gaggers


Two bitches…one completely stunning… the other a chubby troll. Combined we made Ghetto Gaggers magic the way only our perverse minds could. Imagine two ghetto hood rats battling it out to earn the title of baddest bitch. Not only were they pitted against each other but they also had to tackle the hard white cocks of Pauly Harker and Jay D. It’s messy it’s intense… it’s everything you want in a Ghetto Gaggers scene. We’re talking girl on girl ass licking explosive face fucking epic bitch slaps and more. These two girl scenes are must haves. If you don’t see this you’re missing out on a historic moment in porn!
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Summer Knight 2 Ghetto Gaggers Videos Ebony Sluts Deepthroat Dick Choking Gag Video

Summer Knight 2 Horny Whore Throat Fucked Video Ghetto Gaggers Videos


Here’s a blast from my past… Summer Knight returns. I actually remembered this whore mainly because she carries herself in a non ghetto way. I like that she’s a classy whore… if you will. So since her first time here she’s been up to nothing except teaching nude yoga (code for hooking) and having her tits filled up with milk (you can imagine how we used that to our advantage). Well even though 3 years passed since her first time we jumped her right in. Dude… we went hard on this broad. She zoned out with some serious zen meditation to get through the second. Her mouth and cunt holes were used the way a woman’s should with reckless abandon.
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Ashley Pink Free Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Cunt Throat Deep Gagging Blowjob Video

Ashley Pink Skank Bitch Deepthroat Blowjobs Hi-def Free Ghetto Gaggers


We have a treat for you today… meet Ashley Pink. She’s 5’2 and weighing at 105. In a nutshell she’s the type of black chicks us white men love. Well at least this white man. The biggest surprise was that she wasn’t a cunt. I expected her to be because she’s better looking than average hog that barrels her way into the studio. With good looks usually comes an attitude… not that I’m afraid of that. You know how we do our attitude adjustments. Anyway Ashley earned her stripes today. She said before hand that she’s into this… but once we got rolling she quickly learned that we do here far surpasses what she’s into” at home. She took it like a champ though. Petite chick hot fucking body good deep throat and messy. It’s what you love at Ghetto Gaggers!”
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Li Golden Ghetto Gaggers Black Bitches Deepthroated Cocks Movie

Li Golden Horny Pussy Deepthroating Cocks Video Ghetto Gaggers


Li Golden came and left…that quickly. No amount of cupcakes or candy bars could persuade her to stay. She wanted to be a porn star and then decided she didn’t want to be a porn star but I have a feeling that her huge Oprah Winfrey head would have been an obstacle. It’s a shame because she was actually doing well. Yeah she’s chubby but carries her weight well. But alas she’s a quitter. We gave her about 10 minutes of throat punishment before she said fuck this… I’m out!”…and like a fart in the wind she was gone.”
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Keri Charmz Ghetto Gaggers Video Black Hoes Face Fucking Videos

Keri Charmz Hungry Slut Blowjob Gag Mpg Ghetto Gaggers Video


Watch us train this ho in the art of face fucking. She comes in today a complete deep throat virgin. However Keri Charmz leaves a spent mess who’s throat was shredded with hard white pipe. It got messy. Slaps had to be administered for training purposes. However by the time the face fucking was over… her throat was nice and loose. Next target that pretty pussy. Yeah… I said it. This idiot’s cunt was prime… nice and shaved. Moral of this story… most likely first and last day in porn.
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Sweetie 2 Ghetto Gaggers Black Hoes Deep Throated & Fucked Vid Download

Sweetie 2 Horny Hoe Multiple Bukkake Facials Movies Ghetto Gaggers


It’s hard to believe how many years passed since I first saw Sweetie. She was among the first group of whores I shot when I first got the gig here. Tonight she came back… and I kind of wish she didn’t. As her name signifies Sweetie is a sweet girl but one who just didn’t give a flying fuck about anything. Case in point… no make-up. Not a single ounce. Every open pore is exposed every blemish… ughh. Performance wise she is a dead fish. I know she hates this gig but why come back if you’re just going to lay their like a dead fuck? You guys want reality porn? Well this is our reality. Here’s a girl who simply showed up for a paycheck hated every moment and gave zero fucks. I hate whores like this!
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Brooklyn Love Free Ghetto Gaggers Black Hoe Face Fucking Video

Brooklyn Love  Pussy Blowjob Cock Choking Movie Free Ghetto Gaggers


Brooklyn Love was born for this. She talked about how she enjoys rough sex and being treated like a worthless piece of trash… but we hear that all the time. When the rubber meets the road that’s when the truth comes out. Well let me be the first to say that this whore wasn’t lying. Cocks dildos and entire hands were shoved down her throat. I don’t think she broke a sweat. Her cunt hole was used over and over again and she just embraced it. Big loads were shot on her face while spit rained down on her and she didn’t flinch. That’s whore life.
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Jamie Sullivan 2 Black Ghetto Gaggers Black Sluts Face Fuck HD Vid

Jamie Sullivan 2 Horny Bitch Deep Throat Fuck Porn Video Black Ghetto Gaggers


Jamie Sullivan is back… floppy tits and all. This time she is teamed up with Bootleg and Gio. We made sure she received the proper Ghetto Gaggers welcome. Extra hard face fucking more mess… more intensity. We broke out the power tools and destroyed her bald cunt. We laid into every inch of her body with a crisp slap or whip and left her dripping in jizz!
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Destiny Cocks 2 Ghetto Gaggers Video Ebony Bitches Dicks Throated Movie

Destiny Cocks 2 Desperate Hoodbooger Blowjob Cock Choking Download Ghetto Gaggers Video


I knew this whore was going to fail before we even started. I called it. Destiny Cocks was here six years ago and guess what she’s been not doing during her time away? Practicing how to deep throat. She looks good has a decent body and probably one of the top ten asses I’ve seen but damn this girl fights tooth and nail to get a cock down her throat. We did what we could to teach her… so take that into consideration when watching. Some chicks take to cock like a fish to water others… well you’ll see.
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Ashlyn Dream Ghetto Gaggers Video Black Cunt Cock Throated Vids

Ashlyn Dream Skank Slut Deepthroating Cocks Download Ghetto Gaggers Video


Ashlyn Dream is really a nightmare. Today the Ghetto Gaggers studio was transformed into Big Mama’s house… and believe me mama was BIG. I don’t know how else to describe the face fucking part other than EPIC GROSS. You’re going to have to use your imagination because I can’t get more descriptive than that… but this one has to be among the top 5 disgusting. Then we had to hose this beast down so the guys could try and power through fucking her fat body. I don’t know how they did it. The smell in the room killed any chance of a boner I’d have. That’s why they’re fucking professionals.
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Kitty Catherine Ghetto Gaggers Black Bitch Simulated Penis Choke Vids

Kitty Catherine Desperate Bitch Blowjob Cock Choking Freebie Video Ghetto Gaggers


This cunt right here… comes in wasting everyone’s time. She started off trying to act all coy. That lasted a minute before she cashed that reality check. All of us unloaded our rage on her instantly breaking her. Tears screams… terror. It’s no wonder she instantly tapped. We got through one horrific position before she said Fuck this shit…” and bounced. Before she left we gave her a parting gift in the form of two loads to the face. Then I chased her black ass out the mother fucking studio.”
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Portia Ravani Free Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Whores Semen Gag Movie

Portia Ravani Horny Hoe Bukkake Facials Wmv Free Ghetto Gaggers


Portia Ravani started down her dark path to porn as an internet hooker. She posted some pictures of her pussy on the internet got an offer to make some money and met some stranger in a hotel room for the exchange. That was almost 10 years ago. Today this 29 year old is still selling her pussy but trying to make a go out of being some kind of porn star. I’ll tell you this much… she has the body for it. Today her tiny frame was punished… badly. She endured a life changing shoot. When she started she couldn’t deepthroat but through proper training and some well placed slaps across her face… she learned. She learned real good!
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Becca Lee 2 Free Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Slags Deepthroated Blowjob Gagging Video

Becca Lee 2 Hungry Whore Cock Choking Video Free Ghetto Gaggers


Becca Lee the whitest black girl I’ve ever met is back. Don’t adjust your color balance. She is really that light skin. For a tiny little whore she withstood the punished we laid out. Round 2 is always extra brutal and messy. Her face hole was thrashed with hard cocks and she spilled her guts all over herself. We’ve seem some epic stomach gushers in our day and she launched some really messy slop volcanoes during this scene. Becca the midget was thrown around and fucked hard… just how she liked it. Hell we rocked her body with the drilldo too. That sent her over the top. We didn’t want her to enjoy it so we stopped when it felt too good. We’re dicks. Anyway… scene 2 is amazeballs. Yeah!
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Kennedy Monroe 2 Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Bitches Facially Fucked Movies

Kennedy Monroe 2 Dirty Whore Deepthroat Blowjobs Mpeg Black Ghetto Gaggers


A lot of girls request to come back. We entertain the thought as long as the whore did a good job and wasn’t a raging cunt. Kennedy Monroe made the cut. Her first visit here was great… this one amazing! She also made some great improvements to her body by way of going from A cups to D cups. Personally I love big fake tits… especially when they’re attached to a stick like this one. As expected Kennedy Monroe did not disappoint. This one is straight messy from beginning to end of the face fucking. Epic levels! Don’t even get me started about how this petite fuck slut takes hard white cocks either. She’s a complete fuck machine and looks amazing getting piped! I’m confident all of you are going to love this one!
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Portia Ravani 3 Ghetto Gaggers Black Hoes Deepthroated Gag Video

Portia Ravani 3 Easy Whore Bukkake Facial Hi-def Ghetto Gaggers


I know… I know… Portia Ravani was literally just here. However no one can argue that she rocked it on round 2 so we thought we’d bring her for a 3rd installment. This time the mini train was ran on her by Pauly Harker and Jay D. Both guys used the holes up nice and good. I swear this girl’s ass is so fucking nice. I love them little juicy butts! Knowing Portia… you can expect more mess than the average ghetto gagger. We made sure her 3rd visit was something to remember!
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