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A lot of people have approached me over the years and said ‘Ghetto Gaggers is racist.’ I immediately pull out my phone and go to Worldstar and say ‘look at all this tomfoolery. I’m re-teaching an entire generation of black women how to behave properly.’ Look at the results. One cannot even argue that there is vast improvements in impulse control and positive behavior overall. A stiff white dick down the throat in repeated fashion is key to the behavior modification process. In like manner so is a hard thrusting white dick up a tight pussy hole—topped off with 3 loads of cum— straight between the eyes.

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My thoughts exactly. Yup her head looks like a goddamn tennis ball – feels like one too. What’s a cracker to do? Stick a cock racket in the ratchet. You would think by her outward appearance she’d be a man hater and have a necklace of dicks and scrotums around her neck as trophies but like most buzz cuts in the muff diving marines they are secretly dick fiends and take dick like well lubed machines. She was a messy one too. Non stop explosions that filled the whore bowl. The face fucking was relentless. In and out over and over until she was bent over and hard dicks railed her cervix like a dozer. She took a knee and out came the nut. 3 well placed loads right between the eyes.

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Tipping the scales at a deuce she is large and not quite in charge. It took some practice before this hippo was able to snake that dick down her esophagus. You’d think with all the eclairs she piled down her throat a dick would fit right down but it took a great deal of effort to punch the ball across the plane. Finally she got it down and the slobber came up. She then took two dicks in her holes once the holes were located. Then we fucked her with a big cucumber which she was also ordered to eat. Big girls love their veggies. They obviously prefer it over cake and burger king. After the leg workout from lugging her around in various positions two loads were dropped on her face. She sat their befuddled covered in cum and cucumber. We probably lowered her cholesterol a few points.

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Yup we were off to the races as soon as the record button was pressed. Dicks were flying in from all directions like a covert mission on an inter-sectional feminist’s compound. Slobber was emptied from guts as her proletariat face was fucked by her oppressors (who ironically got paid less than she did). She hung in there getting her brown cheerio blasted open and gaped that it look like Shaft himself just left that asshole. Shut yo mouth! After tiring of her holes and company it was time to all beat off on her face. One by one she took cum to the face. A beautiful full coverage facial. She looked like she just came up from falling in a pool. We all know how much sistas love pools.

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Yes not the bull-crap ‘first anal on camera’ porn whores try to pawn for a premium. This is a black woman letting a white man pop her anal cherry the holiest of holes the flag on the moon. She was giving some good neck too. It was as if she’s shakin’ her head in a argument but while a dick was in her mouth. It always fascinated me how black girls can shake their head like that – like a bobble head. Maybe it puzzles me because my huge trapezius muscles keeps my head relatively stationary. She took the dick and for her first ever anal while barking like dog was pretty hot. Then we lined her up for the DP and that’s when she got the holy ghost in her. Southern Baptist style. She got down on her ass to receive 3 giant loads which completely covered her face until she scooped all the cum into her mouth.

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I don’t even know where to begin on this one. First timer comes in she has that deep south welcoming accent. She’s a tad slack jawed but a sweet individual. Fast forward: next thing she is throating two cocks to the nuts tasting her own ass DP’d tarred and feathered and then nutted on by 3 white boys and then topped it all off clucking like a chicken in the corner. It’s hard to explain. Just watch it.

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I opened the door and there she was. Big Momma with her head ablaze like woody woodpecker with a well trimmed afro. She was ready to work however. Her whore bowl was filled to capacity in 5 minutes. She was face fucked very well and her black asshole fucked equally as good. We started out in ‘hands up don’t shoot’ position which let us manhandle her a little bit easier because 1/4 of the weight was alleviated by the shackles. 2 huge loads to the face and the whore bowl dumped on her beet colored hair which looked like kool aid as it ran down her body.

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But when has that ever stopped us from sodomizing a bitch and shoving a dick down her throat until she is an absolute train-wreck covered in her own mess. Lots of ass to mouth between a dick and the plunger dildo. She was pretending to have fun but you could see her gleeful expression begin to wear thin as spit and slaps and slobber ran down her mouth. A good amount of time was spent oil rigging her throat and adequate time fucking her ass. We had her legs bound nice and tight so she wouldn’t give any guff. Two cumshots were applied to her face and we left her there to baste in it. Sooner or later she stopped trying to look and act sexy as all the cum began to burn like she was just pepper sprayed by the po po at a BLM rally. Then she began to eat it. All of it.

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Oprah and Michael Strahan. Sometimes when you’re at a bar perhaps a restaurant perhaps a Red Lobster when two nice black folks on a date sit next to each other in the booth instead of across (don’t know why they do that…) you can merge or meld what 2 people might look like if they mated. For example if you were to take Tyrone and merge it with Tyrese you’d get Tyrell. Imagine that?! Well here you have the result of Michael Strahan and Oprah. You have uprights for front teeth and the face of an angry hog boring down at you at 25 mph in a Giants helmet because you ate the last cheddar biscuit. Every time a cock went into her mouth I kept putting my arms up like it was an overtime field goal. Similar to when an elephant seal emerges from the sea and swings its tusks around-you back up out of respect. I did not want to aggravate this angry black beach king. I will say though she knew her role pretty well and I was quite amazed with her work ethic. I would actually give this chick a position that didn’t require her being on her knees that’s how great her work ethic was. And-get this-she was punctual which defies the general CPT rule. Absolute mind fuck. It was like Criss Angel was holding the clock you can never trust the mind-freak. The best part is the end: where she’s sitting in disgust with loads on her face trying to keep in her pride and the contents of her stomach.

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Not one ounce of sass was muttered from her black ass. I heard a lot of ‘yes sirs’ and ‘no sirs’ and a humbled demeanor was upon her face. That happens after a dozen or so slaps and a white dick down your neck. She was as pliable as Play-Doh and her asshole was as tender as a plate of chitlins. When her throat was explored conquered and pillaged like the Gold Coast grits poured from her mouth in a gesture of ‘thank you for treating me like the pig that I am’.

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Yup! They exist. This sexy little mocha meat machine wasn’t obnoxiously loud and crackin’ gum like grandma ma’s knees bending over to pick up the morning paper at 4:30 am. She was as quiet as a church mouse. Even when a dick would cause her tummy to erupt she did it in a polite and composed manner. Almost like she was embarrassed for messing up our hardwood floors yet considerate enough to clean them up. That’s why we had the mop bucket out. Her soft little quasi-fro was apt at being used as a mop. It was highly absorbent too and I applaud her for her tentative use of product. Personally this is my type of black chick: sexy lean quiet listens speaks when spoken to and takes dick down the throat like the good lord intended.

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Not her ass of course. Nothing here is about a whore’s pleasure. There were a lot of firsts here in addition to this being her first scene. She never had a 3some never did anything this hardcore never took a load to the face and never tasted it either. It was impressive how she took dick down her throat. She was a complete newb – better than the pros. She was malleable and just submitted to the white dick with every ounce of her soul. She’d flail around like she had the holy ghost in her. It was as if it she were in a sermon and Pastors Harker and Jay D were preaching to the choir and hitting a chord on the pipe organ. She took 3 huge loads to the face which prompted a visceral reaction. The novel smell taste and texture was overwhelming but she ate it all every last drop of the white man’s DNA – billions of potential white lives did not matter.

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It was like watching a mile long train tip over 1 car at a time. She’s only 18 years old and a few months so we knew going in there would be some hand holding and hours of explaining every excruciating detail but when the record button was pressed and the voices changed to an authoritative tone she started calling Harker and Jay D ‘Master.’ They let that slip a few times before taking issue with it and Jay D screaming in his ‘Tourette’s Guy’ tone ‘WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME THAT!! STOP IT!!’ Clearly this girl hasn’t been buying the narrative of the MSM and something somewhere along the line got her ass in gear like some ole time ish. This was perhaps the only time I have ever experienced ‘white guilt’ but only momentarily. I am more intrigued by the circumstances leading up to this moment but unfortunately she was reticent. This was her first facial too and it was 3 loads which looked like she was in a mini bukkake. She sat there puzzled like she was confounded by the amount the purpose and the consistency so she did what any good Sub-Saharan slut would do – eat it. Even though this scene is a little shorter than most it is action from concentrate. Powerful fucking stuff.

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The baddest muddafukka in the whole damn town. Word is Bourne. Every time this Mocha Meatball gets mad there is a disturbance in the Caucacity. She puts on the vocal fry and begins to reason illogically of course why this guy shouldn’t say this or that guy is fucking too hard you know typical crap to get out of hitting the sled when coach ain’t watchin’. She has an aversion to cum so this time we popped it in her mouth as she blew cum bubbles and shivered in disgust as 3 loads splattered on her face and over those spill booms she calls lips.

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No you racist fuck Django the stupid python thingamabob on our server and that’s why the update was late. That being said this slut was tied to a stool like a fool and the slop from her ghetto guts was poured on her Jackson Five head. She was smacked hard and took white boy dick deep and you could see her uterus bulging with every stroke. Two loads to her face and she was all glazed up. An impressive amount of cum I might add.

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